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    Bellman-Ford Algorithm

    Dijkstra's Algorithm

    Matrix Chain Multiplication

    Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm

    Activity Selection (Scheduling) Problem (Algorithm)

    15 Puzzle Problem (Algorithm)

    Floyd-Warshall Algorithm
    Stated simply, the Shortest of all paths in a graph running through all vertices from vertex 1 to K is the shortest of all paths from 1 to K-1, plus the shortest path from K-1 to K. As a result of that insight, you can see that we can approach the task of calculating the shortest path from 1 to K by calculating all paths from 1 to 2, then 2 to 3 (so we now have all paths from 1 to 3), then 3 to 4 (and we have all paths from 1 to 4), all the way up to 1 to K. We can approach this in a "dynamic" way. This dynamic approach generates a series of 2-dimensional matrices of distances of shortest paths as we learn from the calculation of moving through the graph.

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